The Mr.Gyros Guestbook

Record no. 28
by : Daniel
from : Toulon - France
at : Tuesday 4th July 2023 / 10:00:09 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Qualité et Accueil !
Merci à Carmen et Mr Giros pour votre accueil chaleureux, convivial et la qualité de vos repas préparés à la demande avec des produits locaux frais !!! Touchés par toutes vos petites attentions, le petit raki, la petite assiette de dessert offerts en fin de repas, nous gardons de nos passages un souvenir inoubliable. Tout le reflet de l'hospitalité crétoise... Espérons revenir vous voir très bientôt ! Amicales pensées de France ! Zito i Kriti ! Zito i Ellada !
Record no. 27
by : Joffrey
from : Germany
at : Sunday 2nd September 2018 / 08:36:56 hrs (GMT)
Hello people from facebook, twitter, fastfoodtalk, google, fast food reviews and the mr gyros guestbook. Iam sending this warning to all sites that you cant trust what they say on the site. Last week in Rethymnon me, Randy and my uncle tried to call and order around dinner time but no picking up the phone after 4 times calling! Tuesday and wednesday! Thursday they did pick up and a rude man said no delivery. So they say on the site you can call for the delivery but they don’t deliver. Liars. They should be ashamed.
No, Nikos is sick and in hospital, and therefore the place is closed for some days. There is a sign at the entrance but of course you cannot see it through your telephone. Anyway, you should perhaps do something about your style of writing.
Record no. 26
by : David Cooper an Ann Cooper
from : Liverpool England
at : Tuesday 24th July 2018 / 15:43:53 hrs (GMT)
hi Mr an Mrs Gyros, hope you are all well, Ann an I visited you 3times in may2015 and we have not had a Chop like yours big an thick lovely, it was Ann:s birthday on the 22nd of May an you really made it a nice day thank you both, were coming back to Crate in September so hopefully call in for a drink an a Chop, as long as its not to far ? were staying in Stalos so hope to see you, take care, Ann/Dave.
Record no. 25
by : Alex
from : Eberstadt/Deutschland
at : Saturday 2nd September 2017 / 18:13:35 hrs (GMT)
Danke für das gute Essen im Urlaub!!! Gruß Alex
Record no. 24
by : Angelika Kolb
from : Deutschland
at : Tuesday 18th October 2016 / 07:37:37 hrs (GMT)
Wir verbringen seit Jahren unseren Urlaub auf Kreta und sind immer wieder gerne zu Gast bei Mr. Gyros. Die Gerichte werden immer frisch zubereit und die Frische der Zutaten schmeckt man auch. Die Portionen sind riesig z.B. der Mixed Grill-Teller, ebenso die Salate wie der Oktopussalat. Bier gibt es auch frisch vom Fass. Es wird immer eine kleine Vorspeise gereicht und ein Nachtisch (Obst) dazu Raki. Die Preise sind mehr als moderat. Die Bedienung ist ist immer freundlich, auch bei großer Hektik. Wir freuen uns schon auf den Besuch im nächsten Jahr!
Record no. 23
by : Andy Hatfield
from : Derby England
at : Saturday 27th February 2016 / 14:16:05 hrs (GMT)
A great place to relax & enjoy the most delicious food ..128522.
Record no. 22
by : Stephan & Kerstin
from : Deutschland
at : Tuesday 21st July 2015 / 17:22:16 hrs (GMT)
Hallo Carmen, Hallo Nikos, Hallo Kinder von Carmen & Nikos, wir bedanken uns bei euch für den täglichen Mittagssnack mit unseren Lieblingsgerichten schon im 3. Jahr Greek Salad, Burgers und Club Sandwich Vegetable! Wir sind jedes Jahr sehr froh bei euch zu speisen und wissen euren Service sehr zu schätzen. Insbesondere eure Kinder sind immer motiviert und sehr freundlich. Bis zum nächsten Jahr und wir wünschen euch noch eine erfolgreiche Saison. PS: Wenn Ihr meinen Ring noch findet, so gebt dem Nefeli Hotel Zimmer 240 Bescheid! Vielen Dank für alles. Bis zum nächsten Jahr! Viele Grüße, Stephan & Kerstin
Record no. 21
by : Nicki und Normann
from : Kreta Mr Gyros
at : Friday 10th April 2015 / 10:31:49 hrs (GMT)
Es war mal wieder schön hier Das Essen war super lecker ..128522. Liebe Grüße an Nikos und seine Liebe Frau ..128536.
Record no. 20
by : Waldemar und Bettina
from : Kiel / Germany
at : Saturday 28th June 2014 / 11:25:37 hrs (GMT)
Perfekt. Lecker Essen, sehr nette Gastgeber. Wir waren schon ein paar mal hier essen und freuen uns schon auf die nächsten Besuche. Sind so begeistert von Mr. Gyros, dass wir dieses Mal aus unserem Urlaubsort Georgioupoli (30 Km) extra dort hingefahren sind. Vielen Dank für diese schönen Momente.
Record no. 19
by : Jens
from : Hamburg, Deutschland
at : Tuesday 24th June 2014 / 21:32:23 hrs (GMT)
Ich war überwältigt. Anfang Mai 2014 war ich mal wieder in Adelianos Kampos. Da musste ich mir ja "Mr. Gyros" einmal ansehen. Nur eine "Kleinigkeit" probieren (habe immer all in). Also ein Gyros Pita. Die Portion war so riesig, dass ich unbedingt etwas dazu trinken musste. Es dauerte eine ganze Weile, bis ich die Portion geschafft hatte. Beim zahlen war ich echt überrascht. Super-Preise. Und es gab noch einen leckeren Raki gratis. Supernette freundliche Bedienung, die selbstverständlich auch deutsch spricht. Ich freue mich schon auf meinen nächsten Aufenthalt in Adelianos Kampos. ..949...965...967...945...961...953...963...964...974. ..960...959...955...973., Mr. Gyros
Record no. 18
by : popeye und ursula
from :
at : Monday 9th June 2014 / 12:34:51 hrs (GMT)
hallo Carmen und Niko, wie letztes Jahr haben wir bei euch wieder gut gegessen und getrunken, bei euch sind wir gerne zu gast. Sehen uns nächstes Jahr wieder!!
Record no. 17
by : Rainer
from : Aschaffenburg, Deutschland
at : Thursday 1st May 2014 / 19:33:47 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Wir kommen im Juni wieder
Hallo Carmen, John und Niko, Wir freuen uns schon im Juni wieder bei euch zu sein, mit leckerem Essen und ausreichen zu trinken :-) Micha & Rainer
Record no. 16
by : Jones
from : Seinäjoki, Finland
at : Wednesday 23rd October 2013 / 18:18:46 hrs (GMT)
You have a best Gyros in Crete!!
Record no. 15
by : Sandra
from : Schweiz
at : Friday 18th October 2013 / 22:55:54 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : (gelöscht)
ich habe schon lange keinen so guten Gyros mehr gegessen! vielen HeRzLiChEn Dank!!! :-))
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Record no. 14
by : Suzanne Griffiths
from : devon england
at : Saturday 13th July 2013 / 09:30:14 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : suzie
Visited last year love the food mr gyros and his wife are lovly friendly people he even got the chilli sauce for me to take bk to devon will be going to eat this here again as we bk there for 2weeks see u guys in august x
Record no. 13
by : ovidiu klein
from : Köln- Germania
at : Friday 7th June 2013 / 09:17:11 hrs (GMT)
Mancarea este super !!!!Carmen bafta incontinoare !!
Record no. 12
by : Fam.hein van kooij
from : Nederland
at : Friday 26th October 2012 / 19:09:40 hrs (GMT)
We have been in Adelios Kampos with my brother in law and his friend in october 2012 and every day we have eaten at Mr.Gyros. It is very good food and rather cheap. Especially your gyros is wonderfull. We are looking forward to come next time to Crete and will come to Nikos and his charming wife. Thanks for youw warm welcome to us.
Record no. 11
by : David Oomen
from :
at : Wednesday 23rd May 2012 / 20:19:23 hrs (GMT)
Really the best gyros on the island! And good raki too!!! Dave.
Record no. 10
by : Rafal, Anna, Alexandra and Jacob
from : Szczecin, Poland
at : Tuesday 10th January 2012 / 19:55:19 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : THPV Bembridge 1938
Hello Nikos and your very kind wife. All of us would like to thank to both of you for excellent food offered on a very honest price level what we had a great pleasure to eat in your restaurant. As you remember we were leaving next to you restaurant in Villa last August 2011. I was always eating lamb meat and you were calling our daughter "Princessa" We still remember your tastes, food, good cold Greek beer and very high level of offered service, family atmosphere and very kind way of a guests treatment offered by you and your wife. It was always a great pleasure to sit inside of your restaurant, joke with both of you and eat every day a next speciality of your kitchen. I only now noticed that your surname is converted a polish one Kozlowski. Am I right? One day we will come to Crete and that we will visit both of you once again. Best greeting from Poland, Rafal. Anna, Alexandra and Jacob.
Record no. 9
by : marta lamberti
from : ticino, svizzera
at : Sunday 11th September 2011 / 19:20:14 hrs (GMT)
L'accoglienza e la qualita' perfette. Abbiamo goduto sia i pasti che gli antipasti nonché gli spuntini di chiusura. Un indirizzo da raccomandare e non dimenticare!
Record no. 8
by : De kleijn
from : Leiden netherlanda
at : Saturday 11th June 2011 / 21:29:01 hrs (GMT)
Homepage :
No 1 in town. I hope the yellow shirt is on the man by the street. Again thanks for the good food the time that we are on Kreta. And if you open a new store i Will back again and run It for you :-)
Record no. 7
by : elisa szlobodnik
from : newcastle england
at : Friday 29th October 2010 / 20:56:21 hrs (GMT)
we all loved mr gyros fantastic food and wonderful company
Record no. 6
by : George
from : U.k.
at : Friday 24th September 2010 / 18:36:13 hrs (GMT)
Tried a pork giro when visiting the area last week. VERY TASTY and lots of it. However we asked for the two for 10 euro special and where charged the AL A Carte price.... Still good value though and will call in again if we pass the door.......
Record no. 5
by : Daniela and Peter (Stastny)
from :
at : Sunday 27th June 2010 / 09:09:47 hrs (GMT)
Homepage :
GREETINGS to the owners of Mr Gyrlos in Adeliamos Kampos!!!! It is also known as "THE BEST GYROS IN THE WORLD!" or in Czech: NEHJLEPSI GYROS NA SVETE! We hope, that they remember us - since we are very freequent and totally devoted guestrs at Mr Gyros. Best regards Daniela and Peter Czech Republic
Record no. 4
by : nikoscozloski
from : greece
at : Sunday 18th April 2010 / 16:28:06 hrs (GMT)
the best
Record no. 3
by : Faraon Marius
from : Iasi -romania
at : Wednesday 17th March 2010 / 09:30:11 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Super
Super,mi-a lasat gura balta,cine stie poate am sa vin si eu pe la dv. Va salut si SPOR LA TREABA (CLIENTI)
Record no. 2
by : Carol & Roy
from : uk
at : Thursday 5th November 2009 / 09:29:08 hrs (GMT)
Homepage : Loverly grubly
Cheap, cheerful and always freshly cooked, Nickos and Carmen owners very nice couple the best. What else can we say, except perfect.
Record no. 1
by : fam.bejan
from : oradea,Romania
at : Thursday 11th September 2008 / 09:10:06 hrs (GMT)
fam.Bejan si Buda va transmite salutari din oradea si va anuntam ca am ajuns cu bine asteptam la Felix.salutari.